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Porn Filmed at Off the Hookah in Fort Lauderdale (NSFW)

First it was pizzerias; now it's a restaurant/hookah lounge.

That's right, another Fort Lauderdale restaurant -- Off the Hookah -- has served as a production site for an explicit adult film. The waterfront establishment, located at 300 SW First Ave in the Riverwalk downtown district, is known for risqué belly dancing, private bed huts, hookah smoking, and house music. Now it can add pornography to that list.

The club functioned as the locale for a porno brought to you by Reality Kings. On Reality King's website in a section called "In the VIP," it reads:

Ever wonder what happens In The VIP? Reality Kings takes you to the hottest night clubs in the country to show you exactly what goes on in the VIP room. When the club is packed, the music is pumpin', and the ladies are looking this HOT, you know it's going to be a damn good time! Grab a drink and step into the VIP room. Check out these gorgeous babes shaking their asses and flashing the camera. You will never see ladies like this in some whack ass bar, only in the most exclusive VIP rooms. As the party gets going, the clothes come off, and the panties drop! Watch some amazing free VIP porn movies, featuring these hotties having sex VIP style. We're talking about some down and dirty club sex featuring smokin' hot sluts. These chicks came for a good time and they've found it! Join the exclusive party In The VIP.

Warning: NSFW photo and video link after the jump.

A coy bartender was hesitant to answer when asked if a porno was filmed at his place of business. With a devious smile, he answered, "Maybe. Where did you hear that?" He went on to say that he believed many venues were offering their digs for porn or other videos to be filmed. He explained that the business' management typically knows in advance when a film crew is coming and that the crew is quickly in and out. Talk about wham, bam, thank you ma'am!

Messages and an email to the general manager were not immediately returned.

On Reality Kings' website, you can view snapshot photos of the video footage and the video itself. After you exhaust the free viewing restrictions, it will cost $1 for a two-day trial to access additional views of the video. In the porn, it shows various people enjoying the "perks" of the VIP room (in reality, the scenes take place just off the main bar in the area with white leather couches). Some images show provocatively dressed women lifting up their dresses exposing themselves. Another image illustrates a woman performing fellatio, whereas the remainder of the images depict various group sex acts. Click here to see it all.

Remember, Off the Hookah isn't just a nightclub; it's also a restaurant specializing in Mediterranean food as well as sushi. We know how the health department feels about pornographic films taking place in restaurants. How do you feel? The comments section is ready for your feedback.