New Found Glory's Jordan Pundik Talks Steve Klein and One Direction

A lot can change very quickly -- just ask New Found Glory's Jordan Pundik.

The four-piece pop-punk outfit hailing from Coral Springs has been whipping out the same driving, catchy melodies since 1997. But in the past year, Pundik fathered his second son, Jude; lost bandmate Steve Klein; signed to a new label; and missed out on a lot of sleep.

The loss of Klein, the main songwriter and lead guitarist, was a major blow to the band, which, like many other of the genre, prides itself on loyalty and friendship. But this didn't stop the music for NFG, which continues to create bombastic sounds with Resurrection, which was released Tuesday on Hopeless Records.

On Saturday, the group is revisiting its roots with a show at Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale to promote the new album. We caught up with Pundik to talk about the departure of Klein and One Direction jacking their tune.