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A Tupac Hologram? Why Not Biggie? Diddy, Where You At?

The world asked yesterday: Why did Tupac come back from the dead in hologram form at Coachella? More important, we want to know, where was hologram Biggie?

You know the story. During Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg's performance at this West Coast music festival, "Tupac" crashed the stage as a hologram. "Tupac" came out saying, "You know what the fuck this is!" Uh, no, we don't; we don't know what this is -- you're no longer of this Earth. 

OK, so the obvious answer comes down to an antiquated East Coast versus West Coast issue. But seriously, we want us some Biggie Smalls! I mean, Sean Combs is rich as shit -- according to Forbes in 2011, the richest in hip-hop. Is he too busy Making the Band? Has he forgotten that we still need B.I.G. in our lives? 

Another question here is: Does the West Coast have a longer memory? Or is it just that Biggie is too biggie, and Tupac, even 16 years after his death, still has a six-pack? Where you at, Diddy?

The Tupac documentary might be called Resurrection, but, did they really have to resurrect him? And just weeks after Easter. It's a little creepy. I guess we could now ask Tupac things like, Was heaven hard to find? and Is there a ghetto in heaven?

Bad, bad jokes. But kinda so was bringing the man from the grave

without his permission. Just imagine, though, that you were at Coachella

and in the bathroom when this took place. That would be grounds for


Back in the day (those

nostalgic '90s), maybe it was just on the East Coast (it wasn't), but the Notorious B.I.G. was

the favored in the Biggie versus Tupac battle. Of course, in retrospect,

Biggie was still better. At the time, I was all Tupac this, Tupac that,

but I think I was hypnotized by his chest and the "Thug Life" tattoo that I

would get if I were a man. But really, between the two, there's no

comparison. I got love for them both.

Scary, creepy, strange: no

problem; I ain't mad at ya, Dre. I'm mad at P. Diddy. Next time, let's

do it just like Big Poppa was here.


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