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Local Album Review: Psycho Daisies - Return From Blood Island

The new release from Miami psych/blues outfit the Psycho Daisies, Return from Blood Island, is a wash of feedback, distorted growls, bumps, grunts, reverb, and haunting vocals, courtesy of Johnny Salton and company.  Salton's roots are embedded in Miami musical history, from power-pop group the Reactions, through his extensive work with Charlie Pickett and co., to his current ongoing, multi-decade project.  Salton has been long identified as a true guitar genius; this album serves as further proof.

The disc is reminiscent of early Velvet Underground stuff, but with more structured

songwriting and explosive intricate lead lines throughout, with a hint

of Cowboy Junkies thrown in.  It is positively dunked in reverb -- and I

mean drowning -- though to great effect.  Look for a few outstanding

covers, including the Pogues and Brian Eno. But my fav is "Karen's

Return From Blood Island;" that is just a perfect psych/garage simmerer.