Miguel - Club Cinema, Pompano Beach - December 21

Club Cinema is located in strip mall heaven. It's hidden amidst streams of car dealerships and theme restaurants. Miguel was slated to go on at 2, so I showed up at 1, ready to unwind from a drive's worth of the normally spineless Piers Morgan going tough on guns. After probably getting swindled by a half-dead Sam Elliot type presenting himself as a parking attendant, I became the shady one at club entrance. In a gloriously topical bit that cut right to the heart of the current gun nut situation better than most news stations, the bouncer called me over for a pat down because he wasn't "fucking around with no white boys these days." (Thankfully, he missed my pen.) 

Shortly after getting in, the DJ announced that "we're all family" and segued into Trina's "Pull Over." Indeed, despite Jim DeRogatis' worst nightmare, the only thing that happened when the "I Don't Like" remix came on the club speakers was a club-wide rap along.