Admission to the Katy Perry / Wyclef Show on May 7 at Fillmore Miami Beach Is Free, Sort Of

If you missed out on scoring tickets to her upcoming sold-out show at Revolution, or you somehow just can't get enough of Katy Perry, you're in luck. The shape-shifting popstress returns to South Florida on May 7, playing a free gig at the Fillmore Miami Beach as part of the Sidekick-sponsored "Grammy Celebration Concert Tour." (That's a bit of a misnomer -- although similarly branded concerts are slated for cities across the country, each features a different lineup.)

Perry didn't win any Grammys this year, although she did snag a nomination (for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance), and did perform live at the award ceremony this past February. So we suppose that's reason enough for celebration.

Joining her for this gig is Wyclef Jean, who wasn't nominated for any Grammys this year, but is enough of a hero locally to remain a draw.

The show is free, but of course there's a corporate sponsorship tie-in. To gain admission, you'll have to visit a T-mobile store and buy a Sidekick, or show the Sidekick you already own at the door. If you're more of an iPhone or Blackberry (or, OMG, flip phone) type and are super-motivated, you can also go play a specially themed game at a T-mobile store, no purchase necessary. 

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