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Alex Sink's Jim Morrison Playlist

By now, news of Jim Morrison's imminent pardon is making the rounds. Gov. Charlie Crist did his fellow Florida State University attendee a solid and backed the measure, which would lift an indecent-exposure conviction handed down in Miami four decades ago. We did not agree that this was worth the Florida Board of Executive Clemency's time (and neither does Morrison's widow), but it's time to stop blubbering about it. At least some other worthy cases will get some attention as well.

One interesting fact that has emerged in this process is that Florida Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink had no idea who Morrison was until a year ago, according to the New York Times. She was teaching in Africa in 1971, the year the Lizard King died. After confirming that she'd probably vote for the pardon, Sink added that she'd been listening to the Doors in her office. Here are the songs (and subliminal lyrics) that could have won her over.

"Touch Me"
Key lyric: "What was that promise that you made, [Alex]?"

"Tell All the People"
Key lyric: "Molded, flowing revelry/With the one that set them free."

"Waiting for the Sun"
Key lyric: "Waiting for you to come along/Waiting for you to hear my song/Waiting for you to come along/Waiting for you to tell me what went wrong."

"When the Music's Over"
Key lyric: "I've got some friends inside."

"The End"
Key lyric: "Can you picture what will be/So limitless and free/Desperately in need of some stranger's hand."