Ciara Rae Brings Original Country Music to the Hard Rock

Ciara Rae is bringing country flair to the Hard Rock in Hollywood tonight. Her performance won't take place in a hidden restaurant, ladies and gentlemen, but up front, center stage, under the sparkling stars and moonlight. She'll be singing for everyone, including those ladies stumbling around in heels and the guidos in Affliction shirts trying to get some.

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Ciara is ecstatic to say the least. "I think it's a great opportunity, to reach a large population of all different ages and places there and I want my music to reach out to everyone," she gushes. "Hard Rock is the perfect place to do it." Her excitement makes sense, since she says that the middle stage is her favorite place at the casino.

This particular venue may seem odd for country music, with the clubbing scene that surrounds it, but Ciara feels that it could work.

"The elements and instruments that make up the live shows in rock and country music are very similar," she explains. "The lines, and solos and few of the progressions are similar, and country music has just been putting its own spin on things lately." It may be a refreshing change for Hollywood's finest on a Friday night. Not to mention, new songs by this local country beauty are to be released "very very soon...with a bang," she says. Oh, and it's free.

Ciara Rae. 7 p.m. September 20 at the Hard Rock, 1 Seminole Way, Hollywood. Call 954-327-7625, or visit