SESAC Live at LIV | New Times Broward-Palm Beach



It's that time of year again, party people.  No, not when your ass sticks to your car seat from the heat and humidity (though it's annoying that we're to that, isn't it?).  I'm referring to the Billboard Latin Music Awards and Conference.  And we all know what that means?  Um...yes...I suppose it does mean that the already exorbitant amount of silicone in this city increases to an amount that'll surely keep all of the panhandle afloat should scientists' theories that the whole state is going to sink come true.  But that's not what I'm talking about.

What I mean, is that the city of Miami becomes, for the next 5 days, inundated with just about every major star that Latin music has to offer.  Who's that at Starbucks on Lincoln Road?  Oh shit!  It's Daddy Yankee.  Hey!  Aventura shopping in Aventura?  You can't write this stuff!  But besides harassing your favorite Latin entertainers as they try to go about normal daily routines, it also means there will be opportunities to see them performing live at the various showcases and industry events around the city.

Take, for example, tomorrow night's live show at LIV in the Fountainbleau, presented by SESAC Latina.  In a very rare offering, fans will have the opportunity to enjoy members of some of their favorite groups putting on live solo shows.  Jesus Navarro, responsible for the spectacular voice behind pop group Reik will be performing.  As will Samo, one half of the masterfully harmonized vocals that made Camila chart-toppers.  Noel Shajris of Sin Bandera fame will be on the lineup, as well.  And gifted composer Claudia Brant, awesome Colombian rock band Don Teto, and promising pop newcomer Chris Syler round out the night, with dance sensation Chana hosting the festivities.

SESAC Latina's Live show Tuesday, April 21st, at LIV in the Fountainbleau (4441 Collins Ave. Miami Beach) is open to the public.  Show starts at 9pm.