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This Week in Print: A Place to Bury Strangers, La Roux, and Halloween!

This week's edition of New Times Broward Palm Beach is dressed as an NBA basketball player -- or as a drifter dressed like an NBA basketball player. Not bad, but readers of the music section can do more. Halloween is upon us, and there are probably some leather items in the closet that should figure into the weekend ahead.

Chiefly, there's Moonfest stretching down the length of Clematis Street in downtown West Palm Beach. Our focus is on Respectable Street's stage, which includes shoegazing headliner A Place to Bury Strangers. In this week's lead feature, frontman Oliver Ackermann and I discussed a few costume ideas.

Oliver Ackermann: We're psyched. We've done a couple. One we all

dressed up as mummies, and we bought this huge 48-pack of toilet paper.

It turns out that one roll of toilet paper is plenty to wrap someone up

like a mummy. We had like 45 extra rolls of toilet paper. It was quite a

caper. First of all, it's really hot. I would not suggest dressing like

a mummy if it's really warm outside. Definitely not while playing a

show. It was still really fun. It instantly became a huge mess onstage

where it looked like the Hulk ripped out of his clothes a bunch of

times. It was fun, but kind of crazy.

Need an excuse for more fingerless gloves, glitter, styling gel, and mascara (girls and guys)? Head to Culture Room on Monday for La Roux's "Bulletproof" variety of synthesizer pop. She'll probably still have the best hair in the place, but as I found out in our interview, the native Briton envies truck stops in the U.S.

As for the rest of your Halloween weekend, we have a doozy of options. On Friday, there's the Let Your Ego Die: A Tribute to the Spooky Kids show at Churchill's Pub, and Nightmare at the Bubble.

Saturday, will Surfer Blood dress up to headline the Halloween Street Scene in Lake Worth? There's the Halloween Fetish Ball at Exit 66, Day of the Dead in FAT Village, Kreepy Tiki's Halloween party, and the Southern Monster Smash in Pompano. 

Sunday, Monterey Club is hosting the Zombie Prom, and you better find a date. Or hit the Scary Mary Undead Art Show in Dania Beach.

All weekend long, Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors will host a Wicked Weekend of events, as well as Snyder Park's Halloween Festival.

Also, no one's stopping you from donning a costume to see Jake Owen at Round Up, the Red Elvises at Monterey Club, Tornado Rider at Propaganda, or Jamey Johnson at Mizner Park.