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Stabbing During Kendrick Lamar and Mac Miller Performances at SunFest Kills the Vibe

A festival typically known for its laid-back, family-friendly atmosphere, West Palm Beach's SunFest came to a violent conclusion this Sunday, with one stabbing and two arrests made while popular hip-hop acts Kendrick Lamar and Mac Miller performed.

According to the South Florida site, an anonymous police source reported the news, citing as many as 60 gate-jumpers helping add to the chaos during their sets.

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The man has been identified as 19-year-old Wellington resident Raige Hasko. He claims, according to Channel 5 WPTV, that he didn't know he'd been stabbed till friends saw him bleeding while they were walking home down Clematis.

Though they don't know who stabbed Hasko nor what he was stabbed with, there were two other arrests at the event. One involved a trespassing incident, the other a woman who reportedly threw a chair at another SunFest attendee.

Despite inclement weather and a lax reentry policy, no additional incidents of note occurred at the festival Wednesday through Saturday, leaving the question of how things escalated to violence Sunday evening -- a day usually reserved for winding down -- unanswered.