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Top Ten Best Uses of Beach Boys' Songs in Movies and on TV

Brian Wilson coming to town again brings back memories of bikinis, beach parties, and endless summer nights where old age doesn't exist. But these aren't our own memories of Beach Boys' songs. Nope, they're ones we got watching the Beach Boys' songs play during movies or on TV during sandy surfy scenes. Usually, when the Beach Boys music is playing on a soundtrack, it's lazy shorthand for the director to convey the feeling that everyone's having fun in the sun. Here are ten examples of movies that used the Beach Boys' brilliant music in more inventive ways.

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10. A View to a Kill - "California Girls"

If you thought James Bond movies just got bad when Daniel Craig took over, check out this stinkfest with Roger Moore doing the honors. It inexplicably has a snowboard chase scene while "California Girls" blares.

9. Vanilla Sky - "Good Vibrations"

This Tom Cruise thriller is a terrible bastardization of the far superior Spanish original Abre Los Ojos. The only thing the Cameron Crowe-directed remake had going for it was the great song selection, including "Good Vibrations."

8. Almost Famous - "Feel Flows"

Cameron Crowe did much better with this classic that almost makes a career as a music writer seem cool. After the unforgettable final montage, someone had to follow up Led Zeppelin's "Tangerine," and the Beach Boys' "Feel Flows" does a fine job serenading the closing credits.