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WMC 2010: DJ Spin-Off at Eden Roc Hotel, March 23 & 24

​Don't let anyone tell you DJing isn't an art form. Being able to control a crowd of people -- most who are probably drugged out of their minds -- takes skill. Not everybody can DJing, no matter what W Magazine says. So why not prove your prowess on the decks in front of your peers at Winter Music Conference?

If you think you are up for the challenge, Winter Music Conference organizers -- you know the actual event that started this whole dance music madness in the month of March -- are giving DJs the opportunity to do just that with its DJ Spin-Off. Being held at its new location at the Eden Roc Hotel March 23 and 24, DJs will be able to show of their skills in beat matching and scratching. Contestants will be judged for their technical abilities, showmanship, tricks, timing, creativity and more.

If you got what it takes, sign up before February 26 by downloading the application over at the official site and send that in along with a $25 entry fee, bio, and demo in either CD or tape format. (Seriously? Does anybody still own a tape deck?)

Winners will win prizes provided by leading audio manufactures and apparel manufacturers.