Cradle of Filth Playing Sunday at Club Cinema

In the current economy, you'd better be sure that you get every bit of enjoyment you can out of your entertainment budget. Let's say you're looking to see a show this weekend. Sure you could buy tickets to one of the numerous rock acts playing, but all you're getting is some straightforward rock with no real stage show. This is most certainly not going to be the case if you head out to Club Cinema this Sunday to catch Cradle of Filth.

They put a premium on their stage theatrics and never disappoint, even

if you're not the biggest fan of their music. It's like seeing a live

horror film right before your eyes. Better yet, Septicflesh and

Satyricon are opening, ensuring there won't be a single corpse-related

lyric left on the cutting room floor. Tickets are available at

Ticketmaster for this 8 p.m. show on Sunday.