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Plains Release New Dark and Deep Video for "Dry"

Plains ain't no plains band. These guys make music that sticks, and everyone's ears have perked at the sound of their tunes, from the big shots at South by Southwest to all of South Florida.

Today this supergroup of sorts released a new video for their song "Dry," directed by Matthew Prickett -- who's helped Miami psych rockers Lil Daggers in their visual pursuits. The video stars the band's bassist, Max Johnston, who is normally a very funny man but who's all sad and drug-addled in this footage. 

According to singer Michael McGinnis: "We tried to represent the song in a very literal way. It's about being

at a low point in life after losing a loved one. The character in the

song ends up getting out of his funk after he realizes that he can

create life just as easy as it's been taken away from him." Deep, bro.


is a B-side to a seven-inch that they just released. "Judy" is the A-side

to the record, and they're starting to work on a video for that song

this May; it'll be produced by the band. Also, guitarist Jorge Graupera

tells us he'll be compiling footage from their South by Southwest

adventures and subsequent tour for a video for "Stains." All these

single-word titles keep things simple and Plain(s). We like that.

PLAINS - Dry from Matthew Prickett on Vimeo.

Plains will perform at Sweatstock at Sweat Records, 5505 NW Second Ave., Miami, on Record Store Day, Saturday, April 21, and at Bardot, 3456 N. Miami Ave., Miami, with Lil Daggers on Saturday, May 5.

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