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Last Night: The Dewars Throw a Winter House Festival With Bands, Beer, and a Fire Pit, December 28

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The Dewars Winter House Festival,
Winter Edition 2010
with The Dewars, Hear Hums, SumSun,
Guy Harvey, The Band in Heaven, and more
In West Palm Beach
Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Dewars brothers have become known for their house shows. At 45 degrees yesterday, the brothers decided to utilize their backyard fire pit to warm up show goers with more than just music.

About 150 people came out to hear some live tunes while sipping on frosty beers. But who were among the 9 bands performing on a makeshift stage? How Dare, Great Beer, Super Heavy Duty, Casey Hopkins, SumSun, Strange Brew, Guy Harvey, The Dewars, The Band In Heaven, Hear Hums, and a few surprises.

With the band schedule posted, show-goers began to filter into the backyard and gather around the fire while the How Dare set up their equipment.

Dewars brother and band member, Brian, cooked up some delicious raw-vegan burritos in the kitchen.

As the bands played, the crowd seemed to keep growing. Forming six rows of around 20 per row.

Green man even popped in for a visit, holding a brief pantomime conversation with Ates of The Band in Heaven.

The Dewars took the stage and dedicated "Pedophile Pete" to their creepy neighbor, Pete.

Ates Isildak of The Band in Heaven watches the end of The Dewars set from the warmth of the patio.Fresh off their European tour with Interpol, Kevin Williams, JP Pitts and TJ Schwarz of Surfer Blood decided to make an appearance at the Dewars House Festival.

JP and TJ joined Ates and Lauren of The Band in Heaven onstage for the entirety of their set.

Guests even remembered to recycle their glass bottles (aftermath not pictured here).

Remember kids, friends don't let drunken friends play with Molotov cocktails!

--Ian Witlen