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Guess Where I'm Peeing: Pretty Pink Princess Edition


Where I'm Peeing is toilet humor, plain and simple, set in the scenic

restrooms of South Florida. We post 'em, you name 'em.

Guess Where I'm Peeing is back. Not unlike a turd that won't flush, our favorite brand of commode humor has floated back to the surface with a renewed tenacity.

This edition brings us to a new Palm Beach County hot spot. The owners of this location went all-out to make their bathroom stand out from all others, rivaling the likes of nationally renowned ice cream parlor Sloane's in terms of grandeur without being gaudy.

If you haven't already guessed, it's the ladies' room, which was only slightly awkward to bring a camera into and start snapping photos. Luckily, the owners of this establishment rest on pillars of chill.

The best part of all has got to be the stalls, which are lined with a reflective, metallic pink sheen. You can fix your hair while you do your business, a testament to multitasking:

Can you name this pretty pink princess' palace of pee?

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