Deadmau5 Featuring Chris James Unleashes New Video for "The Veldt"

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Following the news yesterday that the title track of Deadmau5's newly released EP The Veldt was lyrically inspired by sci-fi writer Ray Bradbury, the Canadian rabbit-masked producer released a video that pays homage to the recently deceased novelist.
Whereas the lyrics of the tracks are suitably vague and abstract, the animated video is explicitly related to the literary original. The short story documents a family that lives in a house in the future with machines that do everything for them. As part of this, the children, Peter and Wendy, telepathically experience anything outside of the house via the "nursery," a virtual reality room.

The video documents some of their hyper-real hallucinations through an African savannah veldt with lions and vultures eating bloody dead remains. It's very tastefully done -- linking the lyrical narrative and the literary source to create a broad sense of audio-visual, meta-thematic synergy. One can't help thinking that this bright and addictive electro-house track will be enjoyed by many without much thought of the dystopian message behind it, but either way watch the video here.

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