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Concert Review: Combichrist at Studio A


Studio A

August 3, 2007

Better Than: A double dose of spankings

The Review:

An assortment of mesh, vinyl and exposed genitalia gathered around Studio A on Friday night to await the coming of Combichrist, as well as to celebrate various kinds of alternative sexual fixations. The party was run by The Abusement Park, which throws many fetish party events throughout South Florida, and this particular one was promoted as a fully equipped, cyber-sexual, electro-fetish playground after-party for Combichrist’s “What the Fuck is Wrong With this Tour?” I didn’t know what that meant but it sounded kind of hot.

At 10 p.m. Helltrash was the first band to perform but my interests lied more on the large, drunken, half-dressed crowd. The band members did look like they had just walked out of Satan’s garbage bin, however there was nothing particularly striking about their music. They had a downplayed, quasi-metal sound, and in speaking to some fans on the dance floor, the overall consensus was that they were tolerable in that at least they put up a good effort. Thank you for participating, maybe next time. However, they do sound fairly good on their MySpace page.

Modulate, which consisted of two geeky European guys with soundboards, followed Helltrash’s performance with something more electronic. The Faderhead remix of “Dirty Grrrls and Dirty Boys” was my personally favorite track and “Skullfuck” followed close behind. I’m a sucker for romantic arrangements of words, and it was apparent that most of the crowd was feeling it too. A few minutes later a middle aged man that could have been someone’s grandfather (or someone’s priest) walked by me wearing a hard-to-miss mesh thong and a rope hanging down from his genitals, which in all my journalistic curiosity I discovered was tied to his testicles. Yes, it was an awkward moment.

Then finally, about an hour later Combichrist’s dirty Industrial sounds began to resonate off the walls of Studio A, to introduce to the MIA their new album, “What the Fuck is wrong with you people?” These eight words were obviously the theme of the night by the way. Some of the tracks on their new album include “Shut Up and Swallow,” “Fuck That Shit,” and “Give Head If You Got It,” which are titles that encompass the bands filthy glorious style. In order for you to fully understand Combichrist’s triple X-rated nastiness, some of the lyrics to just shut up and swallow are “You get nothing for free, that’s why you’re sucking on me,” and “Such a pretty girl with such a dirty mouth.” They are quite the romantics. -- Lucy Orozco

Critics Notebook

Personal Bias: If you’re an electro head and are not to uptight to stand the adult content, you should definitely purchase Combichrist’s new album which is oozing with bad-ass instrumentals.

Random Detail: A few local DJ’s also attended the event including DJ Tek-Z who usually spins at the Kitchen club every Saturday at Soho Lounge and DJ Gooddroid, who you can catch on

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