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America's Backyard Unveils New Room for Memorial Day Weekend

I've never understood the appeal of being at a pool party that's not during the day, but at night, and not at someone's house, but at a club. However, anyone who sits at the Poor House every night and watches the ebb and flow of people traffic from America's Backyard will attest that the backyard bar is doing something right.

The downtown spot is opening another room Saturday for Memorial Day weekend. While Revolution -- the inside part of the club -- hosts some of the best live acts to come through these parts, and the spot identified as America's Backyard is bbq-fun, the new Green Room is being marketed as an elegant counterpart. Except the classiness will include "a hint of dirty," an obvious reference to the many, many martinis that patrons will sip down. Champagne will flow, DJs will spin the best of hip-hop and house, and the VIP area occupants can look down upon the sweaty dance-floor denizens from the balcony.

Saturday, DJ Mark Leventhal will spin for the opening. After Saturday, the Green Room will feature a weekly serving of hip-hop and house on Fridays and Saturdays.