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Inside the Rapper's Studio: Pryslezz

courtesy of Pryslezz's MySpace
Hip Hop groupies, and those thirsty for something new in the rap category, add another import to your list of MC's to watch. Youngstown, Ohio native Pryslezz (read: Priceless) is making music in our lil' city. He recently finished his debut album, "Rebirth of a King" and Crossfade sat down with him and asked some Q's, Lipton-style.

What is your favorite word to use in a rhyme?
I don't have a "favorite", but I do use "I" a lot because I'm talking about myself and different things I've been through.

What is your least favorite word or one you refuse to rap?
I really don't like to say "bitch " in my rhymes too much. One time on my album I say it -on a song called "Way Back" with Raheem DeVaughn. I'm talking about how this girl was down for me and it's like, occasionally she was a bitch for the thug in me. And when I'm a nice guy, she was the nice girl for my nice guy.

What kind of music turns you on?

Real, genuine hip-hop music.

What kind of music turns you off?
There's some garbage out right now! Hahaha! How do I explain this kind of I can't even explain it but I hear it all the time. They play it all the time and I cant stand it! cant think of it I can't even tell you what it is is. I don't even k now if it has a genre - it's just genre. It some good stuff on the radio but for the most part its garbage.

What sound do you love?

The atmosphere. I like when I step outside of my balcony - I'm on my

balcony right now - I like stepping out on my balcony, and I feel like

I'm a lone but I still hear the streets. I hear what's going on, I like


What sound do you hate?

I hate to hear somebody cry.

What is your favorite curse word to use in a rhyme?

HAHAHAAAA! Awww man I don't know, I don't know! I got a couple of them

but I don't necessarily say them. I like when certain people say them.

I like when Sam Jackson says "mother fucker," I can't get enough of


Which other rappers' flow would you want to have?

I still think that right now, I think Jay is still killing the game

right now, hands down he's still killing the game. I like Young Dro

too. I don't know if I want to switch with him over Jay but for a

unique type of flow I like Dro - his flow is different.

Whose flow would you never want to emulate?

That might be somebody outta that Soulja Boy camp or something. I cant

-- that's not me. But every once in a while I hear that song "Turn My

Swag On" and I turn it all the way up. And one time I was missing

someone and I had to send 'em the "Kiss Me Thru the Phone" joint 'cause

Sammie killed the hook.

If a Worldwide Lifetime Achievement Award exists for MC's, what

would you like to hear the presenter say when he's extolling your

musical virtues?

That no matter how much people tried [to do it], that I couldn't be boxed in.

Hear more from Pryslezz at, follow him stalker-style on Twitter, watch vids here, or buy "Rebirth of a King" from iTunes.