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Happy Birthday, Scott Stapp! Ten Lyrical Gems

​Our favorite Christ stance rocker, Scott Stapp, turns 38 today. Yes, we love poking fun at his ability to ward off wolves in the wild, but we hope Stapp has a glorious birthday filled with wine and roses.

Let's point out that Stapp has done a lot of good for the world. His donations to the Second Harvest Food Bank in Orlando allowed them to make 80,000 meals for underprivileged families in Central Florida. He worked hard at spearheading a mission to get medical supplies and doctors over to Haiti after the earthquake hit. And he made an amazing theme song for the Marlins that is sure to give them the confidence and spirit they need to bring home another World Series title.

Scott Stapp, as we celebrate you on your big day, let's enjoy and dissect and add interpretations of our favorite ten lyrics of yours, together.

"Faceless Man"

I spent some time with nature/To remind me of all that's real/It's funny how silence speaks sometimes when you're alone.

In other words: After watching The Doors movie, perhaps Stapp wanted to go out on a spirit quest. Not one of his friends wanted to spend any time with him alone in the woods on mushrooms. He got really lost and really high and started laughing maniacally at the crazy shit the wind and leaves were telling him.

"With Arms Wide Open"

I'll take a breath, I'll take her by my side/We stand in awe, we've created life.

In other words: Stapp must've written these lyrics while doing it. Bareback. Standing up.


Can you take me Higher?

To a place where blind men see .

In other words: Minutes later, Stapp found himself in the South Florida Center for Lasik Surgery.

"6 Feet From the Edge"

I'm holding on to what I think is safe.

In other words: What the hell is Stapp holding onto that he isn't 100 percent sure is safe? Why not hold on to something you know is safe? Man, if I were six feet from the edge, I'd hold onto the most solid thing I could find, not just some random thing that seems like it may be safe enough.

"My Own Prison"

My face showing no emotion/Shackled by my sentence/Expecting no return/Here there is no penance/My skin begins to burn.

In other words: Here, he was prophesizing that he'd be on trial ten years in the future! 

"Who's Got My Back"

There's still time/All that has been devastated/Can be recreated/Realize

In other words: Babe, so what if I was wasted and called you crazy shit? Give me another chance. Take me back. We can start over, and one day, if all goes well, I can get real drunk and berate you again.

"My Sacrifice"

It feels so good to reunite/Within yourself and within your mind/Let's find peace there.

In other words: Stapp is telling someone how good it is to reunite with one's inner self. He is also advising that they do so, to their self. He is also threatening to enter that person's newly reunited mind.


Now it's my turn to speak/It's my turn to expose and release what's been killin' me.

In other words: OK, this is his way of saying, "Bros, listen, take me to the hospital, I need my stomach pumped." 

"Young Grow Old" 

So far in a distant land/There's a fight between boy and man.

In other words: Scott Stapp sure as shit loves traveling to foreign countries and watching man-versus-boy brawls.

"Never Die"

Hands on a windowpane/Watching some children laugh and play/They're running in circles/With candy canes and French braids/Inspired to question/What makes us grownups anyway?

In other words: Stapp stalks children. The children he stalks do things that kids never do. But to answer his question; the things that make him a grownup are: being out of touch, creepiness, and age. Mainly age. Usually when you are 18 or older, Scott, you are a grownup.

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