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WMC 2010: Steve Starks Interview and New Starks & Nacey EP Out Now

​Steve Starks is 1/3 of Washington DC's Nouveau Riche party crew alongside Nacey and Gavin Holland.

Monday, he played White Room to welcome in WMC. Tonight, he'll be at Spiderpussy's Set Up For Scandal at Klutch on South Beach.

We caught up with him by phone to get his perspective as an out of towner working in Miami for the first time.

Here's what he had to say about fun in the sun, his crew, and their new EP.

New Times: Where you at?

Starks: Hold up the wind is...I'm on the beach right now, enjoying the weather.

What's the deal?

Nouveau Riche is me, I go by Steve Starks, and Nacey, and Gavin Holland. It was the 3 of us and this dude that runs Subdrive that got us on at White Room last night.

You're from DC. Have you ever played out of state before?

We played in like New York and Baltimore and Philadephia, and we just came from Austin, this was our first time playing in Miami. We've been down here before to check out the music, but this was our first show down here.

What was that like?

It was awesome man. Me and Nacey, we just put out a record. It's our first EP on an actual label, T&A Records, and it's run by this dude DJ Ayres from New York and Tittsworth from DC. So it's all really good timing. We had put out a lot of shit for free over the last year, but this is our first official release.

You working anywhere else this week?

We got one thing on Wednesday. It's put on by some of the same cats. Roxy Cottontail is involved, and this dude Andrews from Spiderpussy, he got us on it, and he was involved with the shit last night too.

What else are you checking out?

Our buddy Nadastrom is playing a big show on Wednesday with Dubfire. Those two guys are from DC and we're definfitely gonna check that out. It's all night Wednesday. They paved the way for us and have shown our record a lot of support and shit. Those are our homies and our predecessors.