In Flames' Drummer Daniel Svensson on Golfing with Alice Cooper

It's no secret that the Swedish brand of death-metal and its innumerable sub-dialects have had a massive impact on the heavy music world. But, occasionally, In Flames is left out of the conversation. The band grew from the same scene that sold a million Boss Hm-2 pedals via the exploits of bands like At the Gates and other more aggressive bands. In Flames took a more melodic path to metal glory. 

Though the band's sound has morphed several times over the years, its early discography is still considered by many to be a benchmark of the melodic death-metal style. We spoke with golf enthusiast and drummer, Daniel Svensson, as he relaxed at home in Gothenburg about the band's sonic evolution, what exactly is in the water in Sweden that makes for such high-quality metal, and rumors of a new recorded offering from In Flames in 2013.