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BarrioActivo Brings Addictive Fusion to Transit Lounge

​What do you get when you cross elements from Cuba's classic musical styles like son, guaracha, cha-cha-chá and rumba with more contemporary flavors, ranging from funk to ska to reggae and good ole' noisy hard rock? If you guessed Ricky Ricardo on a bender with Brad Nowell circa 1996, right before the release of Sublime's self-titled release, but pre-overdose,'re a sick, sick bastard. One might be compelled to ask just what the hell's wrong with you? However, there might be a future for you as a music writer for the New Times.

But the answer we were looking for was BarrioActivo. If you're not familiar with the trio's unique blend, you definitely need to take a listen. Colombian rockers have long been melding these modern genres with the traditional sounds of their native country. Guitarist/vocalist Eugenio Rodriguez, bassist Guido Milan and drummer Armando Arce (known as "Pututi") simply tapped into that same idea, utilizing their native Cuba's rich musical tapestry as a canvas.

Of course, if you ask any other Cuban after reading this (myself included), we'll tell you we invented the concept.

BarrioActivo performs at Transit Lounge on Thursday, July 30 at 10pm. No cover...and you know this, maaaaan!