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Subsequent J-O Videos Make DIY Approach More Apparent

Earlier this week, County Grind got hooked on Plantation rapper J-O's slick "My Smoke Song." It's a keeper. Since then, the young man has unveiled two more clips of varying quality, with both songs stemming from his Speakers Blow mixtape.

Firstly, "Flyer Than You Think" puts the rapper in the heat of a studio session -- quick, fierce, and breathless. Mostly the beat stays in the background on this one, and the lyric and J-O's infectious smile are at the forefront. "All the Way Turnt Up" has a lot of hopping around in a dark room (and a live drummer?) lit by a flashlight and some speedy cuts between shots. We'll let your eyes decide on that. Both are below.

"Flyer Than You Think":

"All the Way Turnt Up":