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Guess Where I'm Peeing: Curtains, Sand, Sangria

Guess Where I'm Peeing is toilet humor, plain and simple, set in the scenic restrooms of South Florida. We post 'em, you name 'em.

Today's episode features a taste of Key West, way up in Palm Beach County where the suburbanites roam. There's sand beneath the tables, and many flavors of strong sangria. The popular open mic night attracts a delightfully quirky cross-section of performers, including the occasional off-key yodeler.

In the tiny ladies' bathroom, privacy is a serious challenge. There are no stalls separating the two toilets, just curtains -- brown ones -- that provide a flimsy illusion of modesty. You can't help but wonder who cleans them.

You may notice this first photo is a bit blurry. That's because you should never enter this bathroom sober.

Lisa Rab

Can you name this privacy-challenged privy?

And if you guessed Mellow Mushroom for the Elvis and Snoop Dogg installment of GWIP, congratulations, your aim is spot on.