Dirty Heads' Duddy Talks About Anti-Bullying Song "Silence"

Dirty Heads mixes hip-hop, ska, rock and pop to create a smooth sound that hits hard. The Huntington Beach, California, band is making a stop at Culture Room this week for two shows supported by the indie pop of Rome and surfer-turned-musician Makua Rothman.

Dirty Heads just released its fourth album Sound of Change. "It's bigger, it's broader, we want to try something different with this album," explains vocalist and guitarist Duddy. This evolution came from expanding the band's inner circle. "Working with different writers, producers, and trying new things," Duddy says.

Deviating from the way the group traditionally made music proved to be an education. Duddy says he learned, "not to be afraid of trying new things... Just the fact that you work with someone new is going to provide different ideas."

Take, for instance, the new song "Silence." It's vastly different from the happy, chill single "My Sweet Summer." The unnerving lyrics consist of "As I light up a camel/Just might have a fight at night" and "Sniper with alliance/Rifle breaks the silence/I'm shooting off my mouth to show/The essence of defiance/Time to shred rage is on."

When questioned about the violent imagery in the lyrics, Duddy explains, "It kind of started out against bullying and people fighting back... It wasn't a 100% of those lyrics but about how people are pushing you and bullying and instead of fighting back, you stay silent."

The video, also pretty dark, was shot as a thank you to fans and as a promotional piece for the camera company RED for a new product it was releasing. "We are friends with the guys," says Duddy. Talk about a win-win.

Duddy also had nothing but good things about Florida. When asked what his favorite part about the Sunshine State is, his answer was favorable: "Just the good vibe. We are from Huntington Beach, so we like the beach. It's rough with the weather and humidity sometimes, but it's beautiful. The fans down there are always really good."

Thank you, Duddy, thank you.

Dirty Heads with Rome and Makua Rothman, 7:30 p.m., November 16 and 18, at Culture Room, 3045 N. Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale. Tickets cost $27 plus fees. Visit

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