Battle of the Bass--Dade Vs. Broward Throwdown

Dade Vs. Broward--Battle of the Bass

Friday, September 14, 2007

Voodoo Lounge


The Autonomous Bassheads (J-Nasty and Shade)

Better Than: Getting laid. Well, not really but it came close. No pun intended.

The Review:

Miami has always been known to yield a plethora of House music. Fort Lauderdale had the Edge and continues to have Voodoo which stands as a constant haven for some of the biggest names in electro. However, if you happen to come across anyone who attended the Dade vs. Broward: Battle of the Bass party at Voodoo Lounge on Friday night, ask them which county represented as the baddest. And it’s bad meaning good so don’t act like you don’t know that Miami-Dade destroyed the ear modules of the crowd in an explosion of breaks. An explosion! I could actually see people’s faces begin to dislocate off bass line vibrations.

Still, don’t misunderstand my love for Miami as hate for Broward. DJ Doc Nasty of Ghosts in the Machine rocked as usual. His live set included booty mixed bass which shouted out to all of the Miami chongas and excited the hoochie spirit in most of the girls at the club. It was a nostalgic moment.

The Dade side included in chronological order: Venomous 1, Kaz, Synergist, Shade, J-Nasty and Teknik. In the Broward side, there was: Big Boy, Mr. Felos, Hans, Doc Nasty, Supernaut and Jimi the Genius. Now, all of the boys worked the crowd into a collection of hot flips and pops. However, when Shade of the Autonomous Bassheads duo was about to terminate his performance, he played a breakbeat mix of Depeche Mode’s, “Personal Jesus.” What?! But the best part was when he proceeded that track with a remix of ¬Billie Ray Martin’s, “your loving arms.” It sent us off into a trance-like state of amazement, and set the stage for J-Nasty’s first ever live digital set.

In turn, J-Nasty, the other half of the Autonomous Bassheads, produced what can only be described as coming near to the marvel of existence. As a matter of fact, the party was put together by the Autonomous Bassheads Crew in conjunction with Culture Productions. In all actuality, most of the DJ’s from both the Dade and Broward sides are part of the Autonomous Bassheads crew. Therefore, the party was really all about a good vibe. However, the Autonomous Bassheads are strictly DJ’s Shade and J-Nasty. Confused? Keep up.

Let me break down the party so that you may somewhat understand its grandeur. J-Nasty’s set included a Midi Controller, his laptop, a vocoder, and turntables, which were used for scratching, an ironically rare thing to watch a DJ do. One of his first remixes included Daft Punk’s “Technologic.” It was a euphoric state of insanity in Nirvana. He then played a track called, “A Place Called Bass,” which is a remix of a track by the Thursday Club called, “A place called Acid.” It was a marvelously befitting title. Even though there were a few remixes, most of the music was his. The night was a trip without acid. In fact, Hydraulix, a huge name in breaks, complimented the set as one of the best.

Crtics Notebook

Personal Bias: Miami is the home of the stereophonic boom!

Random Detail: ABH’s (The Autonomous Bassheads…duh) also spun at PS14 on Sept. 12, Earth Dance and the Future Sound of Breaks Party on Sept. 15. Check out their Myspace and for comments and details.

By the Way: ABH will be involved in organizing other upcoming parties. Make sure to visit their MySpace for dates. They have also been conjuring up ideas to try and put out a record by 2008’s Winter Music Conference. However, the key word is “try.”

--Lucy Orozco