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Breaking: Company B tonight at Martini Bar

Martini Bar, at the Shops of Sunset Place (5701 Sunset Dr, South Miami) has become the unofficial spot for a freestyle revival. Check it, in the last few months they've had Stevie B. and Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam! (And on the non-freestyle, but still late-Eighties/early-Nineties tip, Jordan Knight, of NKOTB fame).

We've just learned that tonight, Company B rolls through. The group actually came from Miami, and are promoting a remix of their 1986 club hit, "Fascinated." Show time is at 8:00 p.m., late enough that you can hit happy hour first, but early enough if you're finding you just can't party like you used to...

To get amped, here's the video for the original version of the song. Please enjoy the aqua spandex, Aquanetted wigs, and rooftop dancing in what is one of the most 80s Latin videos ever. -- Arielle Castillo