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Last Night: Manson and Slayer at Sound Advice

Marilyn Manson and Slayer

Sound Advice Amphitheatre

July 23, 2007

Better Than: A sacrifice

Marilyn Manson and Slayer kicked off their “Reign in the Sun” tour at the South Florida Fairgrounds last night.

Junior High age Goths in their black Marilyn Manson outfits sweat profusely as they wandered around in the heat. A group of boys with white face paint and colored contacts stood in line at the Starbucks on the premises. Hot Topic is sponsoring the tour, which somehow created an outdoor mall-like atmosphere. Band merchandise included belt buckles, flasks, posters, pins, and the $35 concert T-shirts.

It was still light out when speed-metal veterans Slayer took the stage, with original drummer Dave Lombardo high up on the drum-riser. Loud feedback blared from the wall-to-wall Marshall amps as smoke machines filled the stage with fog. Satanic images of pentagrams, Baphomets, and upside down crosses appeared on the massive projection screen behind them. During "Jihad," one of their new songs (“I will see you burned alive, screaming for your God”), there were flashing images of 9/11, Osama Bin Ladin, Arabic scripture and crucifixes. “This is God’s war,” screamed vocalist/bass player Tom Araya. The riffs and solos of Kerry King and Jeff Hennemann became faster and heavier with every moment. I found myself singing along to the classics ("South of Heaven" "Mandatory Suicide," "Chemical Warfare"). They ended their set with the anthems, “Raining Blood” and “Angel of Death.” Dave Lombardo stood up and began throwing drumsticks into the crowd. It began to drizzle and there was lightning in the darkened sky.

“West Palm Beach,” declared Marilyn Manson, “This is where it all started, this is where it all ends. I love you motherfuckers.” The crowd’s cheering was almost as loud as the music. Compared to Slayer’s onslaught of thrash-metal, Manson’s show was like a Broadway musical. The man next to me shook his head and said, “Slayer blew him away.” Manson began his cover of “Sweet Dreams” as I shrugged. –- Jason Handelsman