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Moving Units: Brian Eno's Small Craft on a Milk Sea Floats Radio-Active Records' Boat

County Grind and Fort Lauderdale's Radio-Active Records hook up to discuss each week's finest new releases in Moving Units. This week, creative director Richard Vergez discusses Small Craft on a Milk Sea by artist-producer extraordinaire Brian Eno.

"Over the past 37 years, Brian Eno has amassed a résumé as impressive as Albert Einstein's or maybe even Beyoncé's. He introduced No Wave to the world, invented ambient music, produced U2 and Coldplay's most successful records, and scored the Microsoft Windows welcome menu. His new album, Small Craft on a Milk Sea (Warp), connects the dots between ambient, post-rock, film music, electronica, and even chillwave (kidding). Something for everyone here. Eno is the shit, so buy this album."

Here's the combustive "2 Forms of Anger" from the album:

Radio-Active Records' Top 5 Albums for November 2 - 8:

1. Brian Eno - Small Craft on a Milk Sea (Warp)

2. Madlib - Medicine Show #10: Black Soul (Stones Throw)

3. Neon Indian - Mind Ctrl: Psychic Chasms Possessed (FADER)

4. Weezer - Death to False Metal (In the Red)

5. Weekend - Sports (Slumberland)

Sleeper Pick of the Week: Hayvanlar Alemi - Guarana Superpower (Sublime Frequencies)

"World music usually gets a bad rap. Especially the kind your hairdresser plays while giving you a mud mask or the kind Sting has sex to. Sublime Frequencies, however, releases a different kind of world music. This LP by Turkish instrumental group Hayvanlar Alemi is a blistering set of psychedelic surf tunes, chock-full of twangy riffs, rugged percussion, and swirling guitars -- enough to please both the strung-out beach bum and the jaded post-punk. So fire up that hash pipe, and give Guarana Superpower a spin or three."