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Pretty Please Reconciles, Releases "Pistols & Revolvers" Video

So, this is kind of weird. After publicly lambasting each other on County Grind's tawdry pages, Miami pop-rock intimidators Pretty Please's Juan Oña (his unhappy comments here) and Bianca Brite (her lengthy reply here) have decided to put aside their differences. This, of course, was revealed via another few comments on our page.

The result of all this back and forth with this blog and writer Abel Folgar playing the unwitting neutral third party is that (for the time being, anyhow) Brite and Oña are back to business.

From Juan:

To followup and tell an unexpected twist to this story: Bianca Pupo is once again in Pretty Please. We reconciled, put our differences aside, and decided to finish what we started together. Come witness Bianca's return to the stage at our CD Release Party on December 11th at Awarehouse.
And now, back to the music. Here's the recently debuted video for the Veruca Salt-y "Pistols & Revolvers." And there are some retro outfits.

Pretty Please - "Pistols & Revolvers" from juan ona on Vimeo.

Pretty Please CD-Release Party. 8 p.m. Saturday, December 11, at Awarehouse, 550 NW 29th St., Miami. Tickets cost $5. Click here.