Kiss Country Chili Cookoff: "The Funnest Concert" of 2014

So many folks were donning cowboy and daisy boots matched up with camp attire yesterday at South Florida's massive country music festival, the Kiss Country 99.9 FM Chili Cookoff. Although the name implies that there was chili, country peeps were all about two things: drinking heavily and the slew of talented musicians lined up to perform. Oh, and the "fine guys," according to Sarah, a 19-year-old concert-goer with whom we spoke.

Let's start off with the earliest form of debauchery, aka tailgating. Trying to find parking in C.B. Smith Park at 6:30 a.m. was a mission. Like worse than Black Friday shopping. This, ladies and gents, was because people started drinking at 1:30 a.m. Yes, you read that right. One thirty in the freaking morning. And all for a concert that ended at 5 in the evening. We witnessed a kid straight up chug from a bottle of Pinnacle vodka only to pass out about 20 minutes later. "It's okay, buddy, I remember my first beer," a drunken lady chided.

As David from the SWANK booth, whose chili made it to the finals, later said, tailgating so early is full of "inspiring dedication."

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