Exxxotica 2014: Senior Porn Stars Define the Term "GILF" (NSFW Video)

We took away a lot of things from Exxxotica 2014: unwanted glitter, naughty business cards, and hopefully nothing infectious.

But perhaps nothing was as memorable as our conversations with Sally D'Angelo and Rita Daniels, two porn stars over the age of 60.

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Over 60.

Think about that. They're eligible for most senior buffet specials, yet their videos would make just about anyone blush like a cherry tomato. Sally didn't start officially doing porn until she reached her 50s, which is a serious departure from most middle-age hobbies.

These two are certainly something. They're like your grandma, only, Jesus, I hope not. But they were also easily two of the nicest people we met at Exxxotica. They genuinely seem to like what they do. We had Rita Daniels explain what exactly a cougar and GILF are, and Sally D'Angelo got a little flirty with us on camera.

New Times Exxxotica Interview with Sally D'Angelo and Rita Daniels (NSFW) from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.