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Bert Kreischer - Fort Lauderdale Improv - July 10

You'd think that an 8 o'clock, Thursday night comedy show would be a sparsely attended event. That most people would be at home eating spaghetti with their families. But not the crowd that hits up the Fort Lauderdale Improv. They show up.

Whether you're a fan of his stand-up, Travel Channel show, podcast, or recent book, if Bert Kreischer comes to town, you're going to check it out.

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The evening kicked off with host and Boca resident Matthew Bellak. It was a very solid set, especially for someone a bit new to the craft. He talked about his his parent's outrage at him recently becoming a vegetarian. He touched on the subjects of legalizing pot, accidentally receiving dick pics, and his dating life; Bellak hit a stride. But the whole time, there was constant chatter going on toward the back, and it didn't end when he introduced the opening act, Matt Fulchiron.

I wasn't familiar with Fulchiron (of The Full Charge Power Hour podcast, tosh.0, Comedy Central Presents) beforehand, so I was really blown away with the construction of his jokes and odd observational humor. At one point though, because the chatter didn't seem to die down, Fulchiron brought down the hammer. The mummers died down at least a little afterward.

Bert Kreischer is pretty much a force of nature. As soon as he took the stage, he was off to a crazy start.

Before saying a word, he just lifted his shirt up to his chest, and then said "I have a booger stuck in my chest hair, it really fucking hurts. Look." And then he moved his body toward the audience, like a magician showing everybody the rings are solid. He displayed his booger and added quickly, "I know it's not jizz. I can't shoot that high." And from then on, he pretty much had everyone's attention.

Kreischer just kept the jokes coming in a rapid-fire fashion. One bit comparing a man crying in public to a woman shitting her pants had me in stitches. He involves as many people as possible in his set and has as much fun with them as possible. There was a table of young, extremely attractive women, and as they were about to split the bill, Kreischer demanded that they hand their credit cards over to him. He threw his in and did kind of a bill roulette much to the chagrin of the girls.

All in all, with a little bit of turbulence due to a rude crowd, it was a hilarious night at the Hard Rock. If you're interested in seeing Bert Kreischer, you've got till Sunday. Just do it.

Bert Kreischer, Thursday, July 10 to Sunday, July 13 at the Fort Lauderdale Improv, One Seminole Way, Hollywood. Tickets are $20 plus fees. 18 and older. Visit

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