Kill Miss Pretty to Play Propaganda May 23, the White Room in June

Boynton Beach's elctro-punksters Kill Miss Pretty are reviving Florida's music scene one rock sideshow at a time. The trio, which is the best local band since the Freakin Hott, is made up of vocalist Alicia, guitarist Russ, and bassist Martin. They will bring their carnivalesque raunch-pop to Propaganda on May 23, and posted a video on Youtube promoting the show. They'll also be playing at Supercon on June 6, Hot Topic in Boynton Beach on June 26, and Miami's The White Room June 26. Although being surrounded by cosplay enthusiasts at Supercon may not appeal to you (And Hot Topic is for freaky 13-year-olds with serial-killer proclivities), the show at Propaganda will provide a place for the rest of us to enjoy our home-grown rock darlings.