Bat For Lashes Gets Naked for The Haunted Man; Top Five Nude Album Covers (NSFW)

Natasha Khan, better known by her stage moniker Bat For Lashes, recently revealed a whole lot more than her new single "Laura." Bat those lashes, cause the UK singer and songwriter bared it all on the cover of her upcoming album, The Haunted Man. Well. Sporting a new short bob cut, Khan is pictured wearing only an equally nude male over her shoulders like a stole, his buttocks dangerously close to her ear. All this flesh led us to ask: Is he this Haunted Man she sings of? What does it all mean?

While we ponder these mysteries, and play "Laura" on constant repeat, how about taking a gander at our list of the top five album covers that feature folks in the flesh. Remember, it's NSFW, so you might want to peruse this post on your lunch break.