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MP3: New Coke's "All I Want Is Your Sunshine" Is It!

Today we take for granted that there were such things as "cola wars" going on, but New Coke was an elaborate marketing disaster undertaken by the Coca-Cola company in 1985. It was a messy expensive time that got people saying "Coke is It!" but for all of you rooting for multi-billion-dollar corporations, we know how things worked out in the end. 

For those old enough to remember it at all, the soft drink known as New Coke has gone the way of Crystal Pepsi, and the only reason to think about it at all is because an excellent South Florida act has taken up the name. (Yes, there is an artist who uses the Crystal Pepsi handle too, incidentally.)

Anyhow, the lively trio of New Coke recently released a delightful 7-inch platter that's quite a collection of alt-rock hooks that'll put you more in a mood circa 1992.

"All I Want Is Your Sunshine" is an immediate jump into the fuzzy, boisterous sounds of Superchunk and Seaweed (and Yuck) and loads of others from a great era in college radio rock (or those who remember it well). Expect riffs beyond your wildest expectations -- unless the previous sentence gave away what you should expect. It's a love song, too. Sort of.

New Coke. With the Vignettes, William Stull, The Gun Hoes, Suede Dudes, and Honey Train. 9 p.m. Monday, January 2, 2012 at Snooze Theatre, 798 10th St, Lake Park. Click here.

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