Art Basel Week: Nodzzz, Matt and Kim, Dec. 4

mattandkim.jpg Matt and Kim

Some of the best music presented this week comes courtesy of the ongoing Converse-sponsored Kill Your Idols

event in the Design District. An ode to current movers and shakers

keeping the original punk spirit alive (albeit in mutated, advanced

forms), the space features a photo exhibit by Eileen Polk, as well as

flyers, posters, and various limited-edition goodies. Oh yeah - and a

totally free, open to the public show every night at 9 p.m. Up first

tonight is the Frisco trio Nodzzz,

loveably sloppy but influenced by the biting power pop edge of groups

like the Buzzcocks. The draw for most on Thursday, Dec. 4, though, are Matt and Kim, the Brooklyn-based dancey, punky pair who appear to be the happiest musicians ever.

Free and open to the public; 9 p.m.; the Marcy Building, 3852 N. Miami Ave., Miami;

-- Arielle Castillo