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Beach Day's Favorite Hollywood Hideouts: Smoothie Palace, Young Circle Food Trucks, and More

Our interview with Beach Day

While walking on the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk with the band Beach Day, we all suddenly start singing Lonestar's "Amazed" at the same time that it plays from the speakers of an ice cream shop. This says something about a person. If you grew up in Arizona, that's just what you're supposed to do: It was your senior year or first wedding song. But if you grew up in Kendall -- yes, Kendall -- it means you have an open mind, especially about music.

Perhaps that's why it's not unusual that this musical trio are such unapologetic fans of their current town of residence, Hollywood, Florida. Why would a band -- one that recently signed to Williamsburg's Kanine Records -- spending just about every other week touring the country and dropping its debut seven-inch next week, enjoy hanging out where your grandmother gets her hair done? Well, let them tell you.

"Miami has a lot of culture, but I feel like there's like a '50s warp here,' bassist Natalie says. "Everything is really old, and the architecture sticks to its time. Actually, I don't know what it was like in the '50s, but this is as close as we can get." Beyond that, they enjoy the mellow atmosphere, an oasis between two bustling tropical cities.

Kimmy, Nat, and Skyler were kind enough to show us their favorite Hollywood haunts to explain their romance with this unlikely spot. You may be surprised by their hideouts.

5. Their Backyard
These three musical roommates love their backyard, and there's a lot to love out there.

"It's like a jungle," Kimmy says, "There's snakes, there's lizards, there's huge iguanas at times. There's those huge grasshoppers; I love them."

There are also mushrooms growing there that we advised them not to eat.

Nat adds to her list of wildlife "and a playground and a trampoline." It's a wonderland of fun and a refuge. "It's just really quiet," Skyler notes. "After a long day or night, we come and just lay on the trampoline and listen to music. It's just peaceful."

(BTW, this is not an invitation for creeps to start chilling back there. Get your own Hollywood backyard.)

4. Smoothie Palace on Hollywood Beach
They call it the Smoothie Palace "4 life." What the joint is really named isn't clear. It's right on the beach and serves cold beverages and hot dogs. But to Beach Day, this is more than just a place to munch.

"We have our first single: Beach Day, parenthesis Smoothie Palace version, end parenthesis," jokes Kimmy. They claim to all work there and make the best smoothies.

"We dare you to come and find Smoothie Palace," Nat says defiantly.