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Ryan Alexander Forms Civilian, Releases New MP3

Big changes happening with Fort Lauderdale singer/songwriter Ryan Alexander, who announced that his band Alexander is finished and that he's starting a new chapter with Civilian.

"So. me and my best friends have been working on a new record," Alexander writes in a Facebook posting. "We have changed the name and the sound a bit."

Now take this change with a grain of salt, because he's not trading in the sociopolitical statements set to warm, crunchy chord progressions for German rock or death metal. The demo for "Market Mistress" that was posted today still rings with the familiar tropes of Alexander's past work -- but it's just the demo, so who knows what it'll sound like when the bagpipes, penny whistle, and brass get tacked on. We kid! In any case, take a listen.

Market Mistress (Civilian DEMO) by Civiliansounds

This is described by the band as:

A song written about the how the market has been robbing families and

individuals for years. A warning about trading anything of worth to get

in on the action. Although our desire for unrealistic and

unsustainable financial success plagues the majority of individuals, the

real issue is the human heart. Our ability to stomp on other human

beings for financial gain is something we have worked hard to no longer

feel guilty about.

Also of note, the final Alexander show ever will be staged on Thursday at Rio Vista Community Church.
After 6 years of recording and touring,

we are going to be putting Alexander to rest. We have loved every minute

of it & are very thankful to everyone who has supported us to this

point. It would be awesome to see you all at our last show in our


Previously, we posted "James Kent," which has been claimed as a Civilian song.

Alexander. With Ascend the Hill. 7 p.m. Thursday, August 25, at Rio Vista Community Church, 880 S. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale. $10 suggested donation; all ages. Click here.

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