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Prunk TV: GWIP Tonight at the Mausoleum

We are living in the most awesome period of human civilization. You gotta love it. Have you sent out a tweet today? Welcome dear viewers, to another episode of Prunk TV. I am your host, Jason Handelsman. I want to tell you about my rock band, GWIP.  We will be having another vampire-ritual at Mausoleum, tonight at 10pm. Here is a shameless review of last week's initiation:

As Gwip sang, "I taste the blood, I lick the blood, in the Old Testament there was a flood..." A Goth with thick-black-lipstick approached. She was wearing a tight black spandex jumpsuit zipped up to her chin. "Hurry up," she yelled into my ear, "The strippers go on next." I held my guitar tightly as feedback and sludge filled the empty club. Strobe lights bounced from my eyelids as I stomped on the Metal Zone pedal, ending the set. "Who is that guy," I heard someone say to somebody. "Thank you," I said into the microphone, "I love you all." 

Thus began and ended Gwip's first performance last Wednesday night at Mausoleum. A young woman wearing a black leather bikini got on the pole. People were applauding, probably because I was done.  

The Halloween countdown continues tonight at The Living Room (671 Washington Ave, Miami Beach). Mausolem begins at 10pm. Become initiated into the circle of GWIP. The stripper pole will serve as our altar. GWIP will reign supreme. If you were one of the 7 people that experienced Gwip at last week's Mausoleum, you know what I'm talking about. Also performing: Lady Anime, DJ Dracula's Daughter, Marchosias, Ashworth, Escher, and Gooddroid. See ya.