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(Not So) Fat Joe To Make Boca Club Performance

As Summer comes to a wrap, most of us are stressing about the proverbial black cloud hanging over our heads as we prepare to return to school. With things like financial aid approval, loan payments, soaring tuition and book costs, one can really sink into a rotten mood this time of the year. But it's ok, though, Fat Joe's got you. He will be performing at Blue Martini in Boca Raton on Thursday, August 25.

Billed as "The Official Back to School Party,"  the prolific Puerto Rican is giving you one last chance to go out and get astonishingly drunk and party before having to get astonishingly drunk and partying within the confines of a shared dormitory.

After viewing the flyer, though, we could not help but notice that Fat Joe's moniker is now very misleading. After losing 88 pounds, Joe has become a model for health awareness. In this video, he discusses the long-term effects of an unhealthy diet, which any college student should keep in mind before going on a snack food and soda binge:

While diet is important, we wonder if Joe's weight loss was also attributed to his tendency to lick the soles of his $5,000 sneakers, which could sour the most voracious of appetites. It may seem gross, but the means do justify the ends, so it seems. Either way, we're proud you you, Joe!

Fat Joe. 9 p.m. to 4 a.m. Thursday, August 25th at Blue Martini, at 6000 Glades Road, Boca Raton. For more information visit Blue Martini's official website, or click here.

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