Raider Klan's Denzel Curry, Lil Champ FWAY, N3ll, and Pouya on Black Raves Versus White Raves and Hoes Versus Bitches

The Raider Klan's battle-worn machetes are freshly coated with the blood of a thousand infidels. Steam rises from the carcass of the night as the Raiders descend, triumphant from another savage victory over the Blacklands. From deep in Carol City, the klan howls like guerrillas in the midst of revolution. And to celebrate another night of living through the mayhem, they'll get turnt up in Ft Lauderdale at Brown Bag Wednesday's Black Rave this week. 

New Times' Liz Tracy caught up with Denzel "Aquarius'killa" Curry, Lil Champ FWAY, N3ll, and Pouya of the Raider Klan (AKA RVDXR KLVN) and OnDaFrontLine Records, mid-transit in Downtown Miami and found out what whether there's a difference between a black rave and a white rave, and what makes a bitch a bitch, anyway.

And here's a pass the mic freestyle session.

Black Rave with RVIDXR KLVN, featuring music by Sean Bang, Justdimy, and a DJ set by Robb Bank$. Brown Bag Wednesday at Green Room, 109 SW Second Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Doors at 10 p.m.. Tickets cost $5 to $10.