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Jersey to SoBe: Midnight House Mafia Holds Sway at Gemma Lounge

DJ Jason Falzone
Don't think for a second that this house throwdown has anything at all to do with the knuckleheads from that inexplicably popular show Jersey Shore; in fact the keen cats behind this action are about as far-removed from those dimwits as one could get and still be in the Garden State. The line-up of DJs does mainly hail from New Jersey though, and, as the title implies, they're proud of that fact. And backed by one of our town's more notorious party throwers, the collection of headspinners and nightlife operatives is set to give South Beach a good taste of that state's better side.

The fittingly named Showboat will be the host. And a gang culled from hotspots such as Harrah's, Chris Michael's, Abyss and Parkeast will be handling the hosting, in conjunction with LIV's Chris Carr. But as well-played as these players play it, this night is gonna be all about the sound spinning outta the speakers, a now sound that builds on house's fabled foundation and gives it a whole new home.

DJs Jason Falzone and Giovanni of the Midnight House Mafia headline the night; Manny the Greek will be will be boothed-up right beside them. And lest you forget just which town this is going down in there's Miami's own Joey Aguila rounding out the dizzy. Falzone's one of DJ List's Top 50 DJ's in the US, and he's ranked among the Top 200 in the world. That alone should be reason enough to swing through for the beatitude.

Another reason is that this is all happening at Gemma Lounge, still one of the best appointed -- and best situated -- clubs on Miami Beach. That this also happens to be the first of many more Midnight House Mafia parties to come makes it a must. I mean, who doesn't wanna boast that they were there for the inaugural bash?

Jersey to SoBe with Midnight House Mafia DJs Jason Falzone and Giovanni, plus Manny the Greek and Joey Aguila. Host: Showboat March 25, 2010 at Gemma Lounge 529 Lincoln Road South Beach For more information call Pete the Greek 732.261.5936 or Gemma Lounge 305.534.3662