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Hear Hums' Psychedelic Hurricane Hits Snooze Theatre Friday

West Palm Beach had to let little birds Hear Hums leave the nest some time ago. While it was sad to see them go, comfort was found in the fact that the move was for their own good. Having called Gainesville their home for over a year now, we welcome these prodigal sons (and daughter) back into the fold as they slated to play this Friday at The Snooze Theatre.

Loath as we might be to call this an official Hurricane Irene party -- it is not -- consider it a fitting, celebratory end to a week in which many of us have been up a tree with worry, and a psychedelic alternative to several other weather-related gatherings.

Hear Hums has grown considerably as a live act since we witnessed a performance in April, having completed its first major tour all the way up the east coast, going as far as Toronto, Canada. While there, they recorded an intimate session of a live performance via Studio 561 (which is ironic, seeing as 561 is also West Palm Beach's area code). The result was surreal, to say the least:


It is refreshing to see that Hear Hums continues to wow attendees with its use of projection to enhance the live shows. The music itself is inherently kaleidoscopic, myriads of echoing vocal effects laced with spacey guitars set the the backdrop of heavily percussive tempos, made perfectly clear when they worked with Digital Protein, who recorded a music video for their song "Toward Above," as shown here:

A natural progression is becoming more pronounced as the band trudges onward. Last month, Hear Hums announced that a new album entitled Shrines was due for release in late 2011. They've since made their first offering from the record available from their official Bandcamp page with a song called "Opens." Listen here:

We are eager to hear what else Shrines has to offer and how it will contrast with last year's Psyche Cycles

Hear Hums. With Sexcapades, Love Handles and The Dewars. 8:30 p.m. Friday, August 26  at The Snooze Theatre, 798 Tenth St., Lake Park. Admission is $5. Click here.

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