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Five Key Moments in the Evolution of Billy Corgan's Smashing Style

The Smashing Pumpkins have announced that their new album, titled Oceania, will be hitting stores on June 19 courtesy of EMI.

When reviewing the news release and wondering how Billy Corgan sleeps at night, we couldn't help but notice the Pumpkins frontman's drab printed hoodie.

The Billy Corgan we grew up knowing (this is based on Smashing Pumpkins music videos and Spin) had a lot more fashionista flare.

After the jump, check out five key moments in the evolution of Billy Corgan's wardrobe.

The year: 1993
The song: "Today" from Siamese Dream
The style: Ice Cream Chic

Although Billy Corgan probably didn't dress up like an ice cream man in his every day life, the costume and scenario appropriately reek of early '90s rock. We love this video so much because it makes his transition into a bald emo Count Dracula all the more pronounced (and ridiculous).

The year: 1995
The song: "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" from Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
The style: Dark Dweeb

From shoegazey ivory-twink to proto-Hot Topic angstman, the Smashing frontman's declaration that "The world is a vampire" immediately cemented him as the mid-'90s authority on alt.goth. And if that didn't, his iconic ZERO shirt made sure you knew this dude was serious about being sad.

The year: 1995
The song: "1979" from Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
The style: Minimal Goth Librarian

For a minute there, it seems like despite all of his rage and him being a rat in a cage, Mr. Corgan managed to sneak in a good time every now and again. In the video for "1979," he's wearing a coffee haus black turtleneck and grinning in the back seat with his head shaved smoother than a cue ball.

The year: 1998
The song: "Adore"
The style: Maximal Goth

There's little doubt that by this point, the Pumpkins were trying to keep up with way-spookier Marilyn Manson, whose Antichrist Superstar made their '90s gothisms look like Fraggle Rock. Corgan countered by creeping around like Nosferatu (if Nosferatu were a pussy).

The year: 2007
The song: "Tarantula"
The style: Superhero Magician Cult Leader

Fast-forward a breakup or two, a reunion or three and, uh, Zwan, and a decade-plus of Pumpkins has led to: Billy Corgan, dressed like a wizard on the North Pole, standing in front of a green screen.

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