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Video: Plains' "Team Radio" Has Lots of Flash
Excitement abounds for a new song from Miami power-pop outfit Plains. "Team Radio" has all the fuzz and swagger of umpteen bands who use "Super" as a prefix, and it remains to be heard how loud they play it live -- "paint-peeling" would be satisfactory. Night Drive Miami debuted the MP3 of the track over the weekend and also has a video posted featuring choice footage from the 1980 sci-fi flick Flash Gordon. I imagine that Avatar will serve similar purposes for rising acts in 30 years. 

According to Night Drive: "'Team Radio' is the first of 3 songs/videos to be released for free

over the rest of 2010 that will ultimately be included on the

full-length through 10K Islands in early 2011." And it should come as little surprise that choosy local label Discosoma has some product from the band too -- the righteous, new-wave "Innovator" seven-inch. Watch the "Team Radio" clip below.

Plains - Team Radio from Nobelones on Vimeo.