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Do the Vivian Girls Even Know About the Miami Music Festival?

Our diligent web guru, Devin Desjarlais, posted last week's "Four Big Problems With the Miami Music Festival Even the Vivian Girls Can't Fix" on the Vivian Girls' Facebook page recently and got a reply that got us worried. As is shown above, the reply mentions playing as part of a Tom Tom Magazine showcase -- a Brooklyn-based publication for female drummers -- but adds that they had no clue this was part of a festival. After several bands mentioned in the comments of the last post that it was news to them that they were scheduled to play MMF, did this mean that whole unrelated events were being tacked on?

It's possible that a Brooklyn band constantly on the road hasn't kept up with every single upstart music gathering around the globe, so we decided to ask a couple of folks we thought would be closer to the organizational aspect, Tom Tom Editor-in-Chief Mindy Seegal Abovitz and her brother Rony Abovitz (founder of South Florida-based Magic Leap Studios), what was really going on here.

New Times: Are you aware that the Miami Music Festival is promoting your show as part of its events?

Mindy Abovitz:
My brother Rony secured the Gemma Lounge for Saturday night during the

festival. He asked me if I would like to co-curate the event (as Tom Tom

Magazine) and bring down some Brooklyn folks. I throw parties here in

New York for Tom Tom, so getting some bands together for a show in Miami (with

support from Magic Leap Studios) was not too difficult. Vivian Girls, Taigaa, and Hard Nips are all Brooklyn bands (and friends

of mine) with female drummers in the band.

Why did you decide to get involved with the Miami Music Festival?

Rony Abovitz: We agreed to sponsor one of the venues at the Miami Music Festival

because I thought that it would be cool to have some of the kinds of

music we really like and love down here in South Florida. Mindy and

Tom Tom pulled together a very cool show in Austin during SXSW 2010 this

year (which we were at), and our venue at the MMF is trying to create

some of that indie/art/pop/rock feel.

Did the festival take control over the bands you put on the lineup?

Mindy Abovitz: MMF organizers were not involved in getting our lineup together.

Rony Abovitz: We have organized all of the bands playing our venue ourselves -- the MMF

basically had to OK them, but they are all great, so it was not a